Hey there 👋🏽

I'm Aaroh. I write C++ at Facebook to manage images, videos, and basically all large files across our family of apps.

I've also been doing web development for {CURRENT_YEAR - 2015} years.

If you're here, chances are you might want to hire me. Here's a resume . We can also book a quick chat to talk more about how we'd make a great fit!


I'm pretty active on most social media, ping me wherever works for you!

My Work at Facebook

I take a lot of pride in what I'm able to do at work. I think this dedication pays off, but I'll let you be the judge. (My previous work at other companies is detailed on my Linkedin .)

An Accidental Deletion Pipeline

Context: We have accidental data-loss SEVs. Oftentimes, there is a significant portion of time investigating which objects are recoverable, and then pushing the recovery step by step through metadata repair, cold storage restores, etc. This project:

A Bulk Metadata Editor

Context: We have a lot of blobs. Like... exabytes. Sometimes we want to edit the metadata of records in the ~100k-1m range. To do that, you would write some filler code in a pipeline that was meant to handle state transitions (i.e. active to deleted), not anything along the lines of "If this blob is in this list of blobs, do this edit." This project:

Off-hand efficiency improvements

Would you like a side (project) with that?

I've written quite a lot of small projects that vary across tech stack, usefulness, and interest. Treat this section as a choose-your-own adventure and explore! (Most of these projects have pretty good README s.)

Okay, deep breath in... I've made: an unofficial group-chat implementation in Facebook Messenger, Twitch Plays Spotify , Slack for dumb-phones , an existential Chrome extension that counts down to midnight every day , a collaborative digital whiteboard , a tool for PE teachers to track students' lap times , and a high-school web development curriculum .

Non-technical Projects

I'm not just a 🤖! I also contribute to my community in a variety of ways.

These include: leading the [email protected] chapter at UC Riverside , founding CodeDay San Diego , introducing programming to underrepresented minorities as a StudentRND Evangelist , contributing to the Hack Club front-end curriculum , giving a TEDx talk on the future of education , and more coming every day/month/year!


Some standalone things that I've written for fun: